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Yallunda Flat SA

Yallunda Flat

Postcode: 5607

Yallunda Flat is a small rural centre located approximately 21 km west of Tumby Bay on South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula. The local sports ground is host to an annual country show, and was used as a set in the 1981 movie Gallipoli, probably because it is largely unchanged from a bygone era. A history of Yallunda Flat was published in the 1980s, entitled “Gum Trees and Gullies” reflecting on the picturesque nature of the area.

The Yallunda has a Flat Annual Show Festival which is an agricultural show which provides a great opportunity for people to experience rural country life. The show which begins at 7.30am and finishes at 8pm, is to be held on Monday 1 October (Public Holiday) at the Yallunda Flat Showgrounds in the picturesque Koppio Hills.