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Cressy TAS


Postcode: 7302

Cressy is a small town located 34 km south-west of Launceston, Tasmania. It came into existence in the 1850s to service the surrounding wheat farms. The population of Cressy is 648 (2001 census). It is known as Tasmania’s ‘Trout capital’ for the good fishing in the area.

It was named after a land grant which was taken up in 1826 by a British company which had been formed to exploit Van Diemen’s Land’s agricultural potential. This substantial wheat farm prospered until 1856 when it was broken up. It was around this time that a distinctive settlement emerged. The Cressy Hotel had been opened in 1845 and the town came into existence around 1855.

Today many of the original homesteads and farm buildings exist around the tiny township and the area is still noted as an important producer of oats, barley, peas and beans.