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Deddington TAS


Postcode: 7212

Deddington is a town near Evandale in Tasmania, Australia. John Glover (artist) was granted land in the area.

Tiny village south east of Launceston notable for its impressive chapel

A tiny village located 38 km south east of Launceston, Deddington, and the nearby house ‘Patterdale’, were named after villages in Oxfordshire and the English Lakes District by the artist, John Glover.

In a brochure published in 1967 the Historical Committee of the National Trust described Deddington Chapel, the village’s greatest asset, in the following terms: ‘At Deddington, a small English-like hamlet, about 24 miles south-east of Launceston, along the Nile River, can be found an Inn, a Post Office, a small hall, a few cottages, the remains of an old gaol, and a Chapel. This Chapel was built one hundred and twenty five years ago and is closely associated with John Glover, the most prominent and important artist ever to settle in Van Diemen’s Land. He lived at nearby Patterdale and worshipped in this small chapel. He, with his wife Sarah, are buried by the western wall.

‘The Chapel was opened for worship by November 1842. It was built on land given by Robert Pitcairn, the owner of Nile Farm. The building, of the simplest design, set amongst the native trees is said to have been designed by John Glover…’

The brochure goes on to list the settlers who helped build the tiny church and then explains the stipulation that ‘the land and burial ground was solely for the use of Protestants’ and that Presbyterians had full use of the chapel until they failed to carry out services. This tradition lasted until the turn of the century when the village became so reduced in size that services stopped and the church fell into disrepair. It was finally restored by the National Trust in 1967 and celebrated its 150 th anniversary in good condition.