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Doo Town TAS

Doo Town

Postcode: 7182

Doo Town, Tasmania is a holiday village near Port Arthur where the house names contain “doo”; for example, “Gunadoo”, “This Will Doo”, “Doo Come In”, “Just Doo It”, “Love Me Doo”, “Much-A-Doo”, and “Doo-All”. The first house name in the series was apparently “Doo Little”.

Doo Town dates back to the 1930s. In 1935, Hobart architect Eric Round began a custom that continues today when he placed the name plate Doo I at his Pirate’s Bay weekender shack. Charles Gibson (Doo-Me) and Bill Eldriged (Doo-Us) followed. The tradition caught on and today most of the town’s 30 or so cottages have Doo names including Thistledoo and Gunnadoo.