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George Town TAS

George Town

Postcode: 7253

George Town is one of the larger towns in north-east Tasmania, on the eastern bank of the mouth of the Tamar River. The town has a population of 4,123 although this declined by 8.7% in the five years to 2001 and further over fifteen years.[1] It is the regional centre of the George Town Council Local Government Area.

George Town is the third oldest settlement in Australia after Sydney and Hobart. It was the initial northern Tasmanian settlement in 1803, before the main site was moved to Launceston.

George Town was well known as the Tasmanian port for the now defunct SeaCat fast passenger ferry. Basslink, the 400 kV high-voltage direct current submarine cable connecting Tasmania to the National Electricity Market terminates in George Town. The municipal area has a population of 6,728 (2001 census).

George Town is a tourist destination for all kinds of people in the summer because of its history and fishing locations.

George Town has its own radio station, Tamar FM which is a community radio station generally playing music and advertising local business. George Town also has its own fortnightly newspaper The George Town Journal which has only been operating for a short time.