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Pipers River TAS

Pipers River

Postcode: 7252

Pipers River is a river which flows through northern Tasmania. It starts on Mount Arthur, near Lilydale. It runs through Hollybank Forest a popular tourist attraction, before flowing through the outer reaches of Lilydale. It then proceeds through to Karoola, Lower Turners Marsh and then Pipers River town. The river has its mouth at Pipers Heads near the towns of Weymouth and Bellingham flowing into Noland Bay, Bass Strait. A number of tributaries flow into the Pipers River including; Pipers Brook at Bellingham, Back Creek at Weymouth and Rocky Creek near Lilydale. The river isn’t very tidal except in the immediate area around Weymouth.

Gunns Limited which has proposed the construction of a pulp mill , requires a lot of water. It has been suggested that this could be drawn from a dam to be built across Pipers River. It is estimated that would reduce the rivers flow by 1/3. The proposal has been met with strong opposition.

There is a small township called Pipers River, with a population of about 140. There is a tennis court and one shop. Pipers River Road, serves as a thoroughfare connecting Launceston to the Bridport Highway. The road is sealed and well developed, however there are many sharp corners particularly around Karoola.