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Triabunna TAS


Postcode: 7190

Triabunna is the largest township on the east coast of Tasmania, and is the civic and municipal heart of the Glamorgan Spring Bay Council, and is located 84 kilometres to the northeast of the state capital Hobart. It is a coastal town situated on the Tasman Highway, and is sheltered within Spring Bay at the mouth of MacCleans Creek and Vickerys rivulet. The nearest township is Orford, 6 kilometres to the south on the far side of the bay. At the 2001 census, Triabunna had a population of 701.

The nearby resort and residences of Louisville are considered as a satellite community of Triabunna.

“Triabunna” is a native Tasmanian word for “native hen”. The town was founded in 1830 as a station of the 63rd regiment, and later the 51st regiment also called Triabunna home for a time.

Triabunna is a scenic township surrounded by nearby beaches, hills and beautiful tracts of eucalyptus forest. The area contains many historic buildings from Tasmania’s colonial period. The town also commands excellent views of Maria Island, which can be reached by a short ferry ride from Triabunna.

The weather on the east coast of Tasmania is particularly mild, and warm sunny summers are a feature of life in Triabunna, which makes it an ideal holiday or retirement destination. The pleasant beaches and ease of access make the town a haven for those who enjoy watersports such as fishing, sailing, surfing, and diving, an