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Tyenna TAS


Postcode: 7140

Tyenna a settlement West of Hobart, Tasmania, Australia; in its current form it is but a vestige of a once thriving rural community.

Many settlers had already taken foot in the area when it was officially gazetted as a town in 1918. Early timber fellers established sawmills in the area. The mills were reliant on the Tyenna river and Marriots falls creek for steam power. Before the establishment of the towns of Fitzgerald and Maydena it was the resupply base for Adamsfield for osmiridium miners travelling McCullum’s Track. At its peak it boasted at least 2 hotels, 2 dance halls, a combined shop and post-office, a school, cricket ground, a blacksmith’s shop, sawmills and Millars Timber and Trading Company. During the 1930s hops were grown along the river, processed in oast houses and sent on the rail to Hobart. Raspberries, currants and other produce also went by rail to Hobart