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Westbury TAS


Postcode: 7303

Westbury is a town in the central north of Tasmania, Australia. It lies 30 km west of Launceston on the Bass Highway, and has a population of 1,241; having no real decline in the last decade (2001 census). It is part of the Meander Valley Council area.

The site was first surveyed in 1828 by the Van Diemen’s Land Company. Westbury was planned as a gateway to the north-west, but Deloraine seemed to assume this role instead. Westbury remained a small town servicing the local agriculture industry.

When the Bass Highway Hagley-Westbury bypass was built in 2002, the two towns suffered a small amount of job loss as a result of fewer tourists passing through the town. However the number of historic buildings in the town, such as the White House (built 1941), have kept the town going.

It is named for Westbury, Wiltshire in England.