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Ashbourne VIC


Postcode: 3442

Ashbourne is a small town in Victoria, Australia. It is located on Falloons Road in the Macedon Ranges Shire, east of Woodend.

Ashbourne is the only small town situated in a hole between Woodend and Trentham and the division between Ashbourne and East Trentham is one of great importance and confusion due to the fact nobody actually knows where each starts and finishes, the result being that those residents on one side of the road have to vote in Tylden whilst the residents opposite them receive the privilege of voting in Woodend.

Ashbourne is a small community as rich in culture as it is in Aztec gold and is home to a total of 3 bridges of mediocre design and 1 small business. Ashbourne is inhabited by many colourful and friendly people, most of whom know each other by sight if not by name and if occasionally they feel the need to talk to one another, common topics of conversation often include the lack or abundance of rain and the quality of this years harvest of hay (which is relatively poor due to drought and has been for the past two years.) On the whole however the people of Ashbourne keep to their business which may include eating, sleeping or inhabiting their domicile whilst doing either of the prior activities.

Common pastimes of those who inhabit Ashbourne include walking around aimlessly, looking at trees and watching the sky for smoke in bushfire season. On occasion it is in fact warm enough to swim (even though it can be assured that outside the confines of the Ashbourne community the weather will be far better) and the area offers a diverse selection of dams and lagoons which vary from muddy and dubious looking to clean and full of bitey things. One standalone Ashbournite invented a brand new activity, which turned out to be a great hit amongst other members of the town, when he anchored his canoe in the middle of his dam with a 6-pack of imported beer, a fishing hat and a pocket full of biscuits. Ever since its epic inception this timewasting activity has become an annual Ashbourne event amongst the elite of the community.