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Bemm River VIC

Bemm River

Postcode: 3889

Bemm River is a small town, in Far East Gippsland, Victoria, Australia, with a population of around 80. It is renowned for its Bream fishing, which gives it its second name, ‘Bemm River — The Bream Capital’. It is situated on Sydenham Inlet, a vast lake that strecthes over to the sandy hills of the Bass Strait. The lake is fed by the Bemm River, which spirals its way towards the lake through the various farmlands. It is 4km from the beach, and 10km from Py-yoot Bay.

There are several tourist accommodation places in the town of Bemm River. There is a general store, which is currently being upgraded and will have fuel pumps (currently no fuel at Bemm River). There is also a pub which is also a liscened restaurant.