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Buckrabanyule VIC


Postcode: 3525

Buckrabanyule is a tiny township in the North-Central area of the state of Victoria in Australia. It is approximately 250km from Melbourne, Victoria’s capital city. Buckrabanyule is an Australian Aboriginal name meaning “last of the hills” or “last of the ranges” which is a rather appropriate description, since geographically, Mount Buckrabanyule (which lies just North of the township) is at the very end of the North-East extension of the Great Dividing Range. Standing atop Mt. Buckrabanyule and looking North, the landscape is very flat all the way to the horizon. Its population is only 8, and only qualifies as a “township” because several farmhouses are within a few kilometer’s radius. Buckrabanyule is effectively a ghost town, as many residents left probably due to a shift from railway to road transport and its remote location. The remains of a Community Hall, Fire Station, Post Office and Grain Silos beside the railway line are all that is left. A church used to operate but was destroyed in a windstorm.