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Buninyong VIC


Postcode: 3357

Buninyong is a town in Victoria, Australia. The town is on the Midland Highway, south of Ballarat on the road to Geelong. It is the site of the first inland town proclaimed in Victoria.

The town is named after the Aboriginal word ‘Buninyouang’, said to mean ‘man lying on his back with his knees raised’, which is in reference to the shape of Mount Buninyong.

Buninyong has an important place in history as the major inland community of pre-gold rush Victoria. It was ‘discovered’ in 1837 by the Learmonth Brothers, and then subsequently settled in 1839 as a pastoral settlement.

Gold was found 3 kilometres west of the town in 1851. By 1871 there were 2281 people and 20 hotels at Buninyong. The town’s wide streets were planned in expectation of further growth, however prosperity ended with the gold rush and the town reverted to a small pastoral settlement.

A railway from Ballarat arrived in 1889 and the station was built in 1890, although it is no longer used.

Buninyong’s landmarks include Mount Buninyong, gardens and the many historic buildings, including the Town Hall, Crown Hotel, Holy Trinity Church among others.

The Buninyong Botanic Gardens at Buninyong are among the oldest Botanic Gardens in the State of Victoria.

There are several grand “boom style” homes in and around the town.