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Clifton Springs VIC

Clifton Springs

Postcode: 3222

Clifton Springs is a coastal town near Geelong, Victoria, Australia, named after local mineral springs, which were found around Fairy Dell, later closed due to possible landslides.

It has a population of 6651 (1996) and is home to a golf course and primary school. It is often grouped together with its sister city, Drysdale. The town overlooks Corio Bay, the You Yangs and Geelong.

The area has undergone drastic changes over the past decade, with expansions to population amongst the biggest of them all. New housing developments around the area have been vast, with a new development on the north side of the town being planned 2006.

Time has slowly degraded the local fountain, with big bold letters ‘Clifton Springs’, all in upper case. The fountain has been subject to town meetings discussing its future including whether or not to destroy the monument, which came to an ominous decision to keep it. Not only this, but it has been filled with bubble bath solution, causing the water to become filthy and having to be refilled. Late 2006, it was emptied for its last time until further notice, due to water restrictions. The monument is known around the area as a landmark and is often cited in reference to directions.