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Colbinabbin VIC


Postcode: 3559

Colbinabbin is a small town in central Victoria, Australia. The name is derived from aboriginal meaning “the meeting of the black and red soils”, not the “start of the big pipe” which refers to a recent Victorian Government plan to pipe water from the Golburn River system at Colbinabbin to Bendigo.

Located on the banks of Cornella Creek, Colbinabbin was settled in the 1850’s. In the 1930’s the area had significant change with the construction of the Waranga – Mallee channel, which dissects the town. Irrigation altered land use to the north of the town and to this day has made it very productive farmland. Currently a large amount of this land is devoted to growing tomatoes for canning. Colbinabbin in recent years has seen a boom in wine growing and a substantial number of vineyards have been established in the area, especially on what is known locally as ‘The hill’. The red soil, abundant water though irrigation and warm climate have accelerated this development. ‘Whistling Eagle’ is one of the wineries in the area, specialising in shiraz.

Colbinabbin has an active community and fields an Australian Rules Football team in the Heathcote and District Football League.