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Coongulla VIC


Postcode: 3860

Coongulla is a town in Victoria, Australia, located on Ryans Road, on the shores of Lake Glenmaggie in the Wellington Shire. The postcode for Coongulla and some of the area around it is 3860. Coongulla is 160 km from Melbourne.

There are approx 270 separate houses in Coongulla. Of these, 49% are fully owned, 25% are purchasing and 19% are rented.

There are approximately 800 people in Coongulla. About one third of this population are permanent residents of the town. Most of the remainder only come up during the holidays.

The top 5 religious affiliations for residents of Coongulla are Anglican (32%), Catholic (28%), no religion (19%), Uniting Church (13%), and Presbyterian and Reformed (4%).

Of the people in Coongulla, 93% are Australian-born. Of the immigrants, most are from the United Kingdom (4%), then the Netherlands, New Zealand and Germany (1% each).

People who are 40 to 59 year olds are the most prevalent in Coongulla, with 28% of residents in this bracket. The next most common are people 5 to 19 (25%), then 20 to 39 (21%), 60+ (19%) and 0 to 4 (7%).

The top five modes of transport to work are car (driver) (55%), work at home (22%), car (passenger) (8%), walk (8.5%), bicycle (6%), and bin (0.5%).

The education status of people living in Coongulla is Not Attending (Working) (73%), Infants/Primary (11%), Secondary Education (11%), Technical or Further Education (2%) and Pre-School (2%).

The Lake Glenmaggie Weir supplies irrigation water for all the farms in the area and also supplies drinking water to Maffra, Coongulla, Glenmaggie, Newry and Heyfield.

Some of the most common activities for locals and holiday makers are: night walks, bike riding, canoing or kayaking, yachting, grass boarding, water sports and motorbike riding.