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Dargo VIC


Postcode: 3862

Dargo is a town in Victoria, Australia, located 348 kilometres east of Melbourne, in the Wellington Shire.

The town provided a stopover for Victorian Gold Rush miners on their way to the goldfields of Grant, Talbotville, and Crooked River. Today the town is a producer of timber, and stock men reside in the nearby Dargo High Plains. The town is a popular destination for four-wheel drive enthusiasts, and bushwalkers as well as trout fisherman.

The annual Walnut Festival runs through the Australian Easter Holiday period, and is usually well attended.

Trout Fishing in the Dargo River It is best to avoid the Dargo river if there have been recent heavy rains as the due to geological nature of the river (steep gradient flowing over rubble, gravel and rock substrate) it is prone to discolour easily and rise to levels that make shore fishing difficult and wading dangerous. Access to the river is excellent, with immediate access available around the township, with the Upper Dargo Road running alongside the river and providing river access for over 20 kilometers upstream of the township. Although the Upper Dargo Road is marked as a 4WD-only road on maps, a 2WD vehicle is sufficient except following heavy rains as there is a small creek crossing just prior to Black Flat, and beyond Black Flat (near Matheson Flat) the road can turn to mud.

The lower Dargo is best fished with bait or artificial lures, with the upper Dargo being well suited to these methods as well as fly and bait drifting.

In summer months (December through April) beware of brown snakes that inhabit the area, and become especially aggressive from Jan-Mar.