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Gheringhap VIC


Postcode: 3331

Gheringhap is a rural township near Geelong, Victoria, Australia, located approximately 83 km southwest of Melbourne, between Geelong and Meredith. Gheringhap is located in the Golden Plains Shire.

Gheringhap was on the railway line to Ballarat, one of the first main railway lines constructed in Victoria. Gheringhap was a modest train station, but all signs of it, the signal cabin and the semaphores have sadly all long been destroyed.

The direct route for Gheringhap to Melbourne is 81 kilometres, so allow for one hour driving time.

Annual Gheringhap rainfall

The average annual rainfall of the town of Gheringhap is approximately 637mm.

Gheringhap Population

At the 2021 national census, the population of Gheringhap was 132 people. This was made of 49.3% females and 50.7% males. The median age of a resident is 49 years old.