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Glenrowan VIC


Postcode: 3675

Glenrowan is a small town located in the Benalla Local Government Area of Victoria, Australia. It is 184 kilometers north-east of Melbourne and 14 kilometres from Wangaratta and located near the Warby Ranges and Mt. Glenrowan. It has an approximate population of 350.

Glenrowan was named after farmers James and George Rowan who ran farms in the area between 1846 and 1858. It is famous for the bush ranger Ned Kelly, who made his last stand and was eventually captured there in 1880 after a siege and shootout with police.

Glenrowan is a popular rest point for those traveling on the Hume Freeway, as it holds McDonald’s outlets on both sides of the freeway. In the township of Glenrowan, off the highway, tourists can rest, walk and examine the famous Kelly siege sites.