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Glenthompson VIC


Postcode: 3293

Glenthompson is a town in the Australian state of Victoria. It lies on the Glenelg highway between Hamilton and Ballarat, close to the Grampian mountain range.

Its most notable landmark is the tall brickworks chimney that is also the symbol of what was the township’s main industry for a period of time, as it provided bricks for regional buildings constructed in the post-war era.

Originally, a small township named Yuppeckiar was built approximately five kilometres away, but it was moved to the present site of Glenthompson because of the construction of the railway linking Ballarat and Hamilton. In fact, Glenthompson is distinctive in that the town hotel, Mac’s Hotel, was built across the road from the railway station, some distance from the main road, unlike other country pubs in towns of a similar size, highlighting the importance of the railway in the town’s development.

Nowadays it is a very quiet country town that serves as a minor transport and services hub for the surrounding farming district.

Rose cottage in Mc Lennan Street was first built in 1850 and was used for business as a blacksmith the local bakery and the front room as a dress making and alteration.