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Golden Gully VIC

Golden Gully

Located in the Bendigo area of Victoria, Golden Gully is in the Greater Bendigo local government area, and within the electoral seat of Bendigo.

Golden Gully at a glance

Postcode: 3555

Latitude: -36.8335675

Longitude: 144.2394389

Altitude: (metres above sea level)

Population of Golden Gully VIC

At the 2021 national census, the population of 3555 (Including Golden Gully) was 21043 people. Out of those, 9923 were male and 11117 were female.

2212 (10.51%) of those people were born outside Australia, and the remaining 17614 people were born in Australia. 523 (2.49%) of these people are Indigenous Australians.

Map of Golden Gully

Here is a map of Golden Gully, Victoria and surrounds.

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