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Goroke VIC


Postcode: 3412

Goroke is a small pastoral and agricultural centre of some 200 people located 366 km north-west of Melbourne and 67 km west of Horsham.

The town was laid out in 1882 and named after the Aboriginal term for the district which apparently meant ‘magpie’. In 1884 the population was recorded as about 50. It served as a supply centre for local selectors. By 1887 there was a flour mill, two stores, a school, a mechanics’ hall, an hotel and a blacksmith’s.

The only linkage to Nhill and Kaniva was by a desert track. By 1891 the population had increased to 91. A railway line to Natimuk was completed in 1894.

The town is based around primary production, including woolgrowing and fat lamb and mutton production, beef cattle, cropping, forestry, wine grape production and yabby cultivation. Education is provided by a P-12 college. The local newspaper, the Goroke Free Press is published weekly. Nearby Lake Charlegrark is the venue for an annual Country Music festival, held on the third weekend in February.