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Inglewood VIC


Postcode: 3517

Inglewood is a town in Victoria, Australia, located on the Calder Highway, in the Loddon Shire. At the 2001 census, Inglewood had a population of 686.

Inglewood began as a gold mining settlement during the Victorian Gold Rush, and nuggets are still being unearthed today. It is the birthplace of aviator Sir Reginald Ansett. The town hosts the Blue Eucalyptus Festival in October each year.

Nearby is Rose Hill which saw the 1st rush in 1858 with former mining town Kurting dug up by alluvial miners in the 1860s to access the rich Thompson Gully lead. Reef mining followed in the 1870s on the Union Jack Reef, Welcome Reef by Messers Watkins & James Burrows an 1849 Oxfordshire migrant assigned to Capt John Hepburn before the gold boom. The region gold industry lasted longer than most rushes due to the number of reef discoveries around Inglewood, mainly reef mining til the start of World War I.

Former Old Inglewood essentially was burnt to the ground in a major fire of 1867; the town was rebuilt in its current location.

About 1878 Inglewood became a rail head on the line from Bendigo, eventually the line was extended in the 1880s to Korong Vale.

During the period of 1918 to 1960s Inglewood was almost a ghost town, until the revival of historical interest and the modern day tourist boom .