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Linton VIC


Postcode: 3360

Linton is a small town in Victoria, Australia off of Glenelg Highway which was first settled about 1840. Linton was named after a pioneer family in an area. There is a bird sanctuary to the south-east of the township near Springdallah Creek.

Gold was found in 1848 in what later became known as the Linton Diggings. Chinese people among others mined the local shafts until the gold ran out; they then stayed and set up market gardens. There is significant amounts of mining equipment left in the Linton district.

The first gold discovery is said to have occurred on Emu Hill, a squatting run originally taken up by Scottish immigrants, the Linton family, in 1839.

The latter was officially surveyed in 1860 after many houses and shops had moved there following the discovery of gold on what was then known as Surface Hill.