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Merbein VIC


Postcode: 3505

Merbein is a small township outside of Mildura, Victoria, in the Sunraysia region of Australia. Merbein was known as White Cliffs until 1909. The new name was intended to be “Merebin”, which is the Aboriginal word for “white sandcliffs”, but a spelling error made when registering the name has corrupted this to Merbein. It is on the Calder Highway between Mildura and the Murray River crossing on the Abbotsford Bridge to Curlwaa.

It is the home of Mildara Wines, which W B Chaffey founded in 1911. The Mildara Blass Winery still stands on the cliffs towering above the Murray River, and is open to visitors for a tour and wine tasting.

Its population is around 1,700.

The CSIRO Plant Research Division has a facility at Merbein focussed on the grape and citrus growing industries.

Merbein’s local government is administered by the Rural City of Mildura.