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Meringur VIC


Postcode: 3496

Meringur is a settlement to the west of Mildura in northwest Victoria, Australia. It has a population of 16 people. It is located on the Red Cliffs-Meringur Road.

History of Meringur

In the 1930’s and 1940’s, Meringur grew to a population of 150 people. The town boasted many stores, such as a milk bar, tea rooms, bakehouse, dressmaker, a lovely general store, a hairdressers, an official post office, a mechanics shop, hardware store and guest house.

A theatre hall and a school were also featured in the Meringur township, which catered for the local district families.

Things to see in Meringur

Meringur has a wonderful tourism attraction being the Millewa Pioneer Village, featuring many of the original artifacts and  buildings from the early Millewa pioneers.