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Nangiloc VIC


Postcode: 3494

Nangiloc is a small rural community in North Western Victoria.

Nangiloc is primarily an agricultural settlement, on the south (left) bank of the Murray River, about 50km south east of Mildura.

Irrigation from the Murray and rich local soil has allowed for diverse crops. The area has become increasingly well known for its gourmet wines and fresh fruit industries. Also many niche agricultural goods are produced in this area. Crops like avocado, pistachio & almonds are well established.

The area is also well known as a camping destination. There are many bush reserves along the banks of the Murray river that showcase the Mallee bush and it’s subtle beauty.

Next to Nangiloc is the town Colignan. Both small towns border onto each other and are quite similar in many respects. They now share a primary school and other services. The two towns’ names are spelt the same only backwards.