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Poowong VIC


Postcode: 3988

Poowong is a small dairying town located in South Gippsland, Victoria with a population of approximately 350. It is located About 110 km from Melbourne and about eight kilometers north-west of Korumburra in Australia.

The towns’ name came about due to the amount of poo that was found in the billabong at the town center when it was founded, hence ‘Poo-wong’. For a town of its size, Poowong is quite well of with regard to its facilities. Facilities include four tennis courts, two netball courts, an indoor basketball stadium, a primary school, large community hall, heated swimming pool, a number of Churches and an ‘Aussie Rules’ football oval.

The Poowong community is quite active, with many projects being undertaken by various community groups. The largest group, by far, is the Poowong Football & Netball Club who involve themselves not only in sporting projects, but also in projects helping the wider community.