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Sandy Point VIC

Sandy Point

Postcode: 3959

Sandy Point is a township in south Gippsland, Victoria near Wilsons Promontory. Although Sandy Point’s permanent population is around two hundred, it grows to several thousand during the holiday period. It is surrounded by areas of significant natural heritage.

Sandy Point is one of the few coastal towns in this region to remain relatively unaffected by the housing boom along the coast. This is partly due to its distance from Melbourne (around 2 hours) and the fact that a lack of town sewerage has meant a ban on further sub-division.

The Sandy Point area has a large spit system and its shoreline, on Waratah Bay, is considered of high heritage value. Sandy Point’s surf beach is patrolled during the summer months and is considered good for surfing. The beach on Waratah Bay is 18 kilometres long, running between Walkerville at its northwest end and Wilsons Promontory at its southeast end.

Three kilometres east of Sandy Point lies a river inlet known as Shallow Inlet. This sandy, tidal inlet is a popular fishing spot and a famous area for windsurfing and kitesurfing. A speed sailing record was set here in 1993.

On December 13th 2005, an attempt to reclaim this record failed when the craft operated by the Macquarie Speed Sailing team suffered a structural failure.