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Tintaldra VIC


Postcode: 3708

Tintaldra is a town in north east Victoria, Australia. The town is located on the upper reaches of the Murray River, 440 kilometres north east of the state capital, Melbourne and 131 kilometres east of Wodonga. Part of the Towong Shire Local government area, Tintaldra has a population of around 25 permanent residents.

European settlement began in the Tintaldra in 1837 with the arrival of squatters looking for fresh grass and water for cattle. The town began to form around 1854 as unlucky prospectors began to look for land to farm. Its location as a crossing point over the Murray River and its associated customs house led to a boom period in the late 19th century. Federation and the development of other river crossings into New South Wales led to a slow decline. Soldier settlers moved to the area after World War I. Much of Tintaldra was burnt to the ground in the Black Friday bushfires of 13 January 1939.

Today, Tintaldra’s economy is based around agriculture and tourism. The Tintaldra store, constructed in 1864 with rough hewn River Red Gum beams and rafters and walls made from vertical slats of Stringybark timber, is still standing today. Nearby Burrowa-Pine Mountain National Park is a popular place for bushwalking and camping.