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Trentham VIC


Postcode: 3458

Trentham is a small town in the Hepburn Shire Local government area, Victoria, Australia. At the 2001 census, Trentham had a population of 700.

Located at an altitude of 700 metres in ancient volcanic highlands 97 kilometres northwest of Melbourne, Trentham is surrounded by the dense eucalypts of Wombat State Forest on three sides, whilst to the north the highlands fall away to the vast plains of inland Victoria down the Campaspe River.

Although pastoral runs were taken up in the area as early as 1838, Trentham was first settled by gold prospectors in the 1850s, and developed as the trees of Wombat Forest became a valuable resource for timber, which built up the town. A railway line arrived in 1890 and at its peak carried up to 21,000 tonnes of freight (mostly timber) annually. However, in the 1950s the railway declined as better roads were built to connect the town with the major settlements of Victoria, and it was closed during the 1970s.

Potato growing and grazing became the mainstays of the town’s economy until tourism developed in the 1970s.

Near Trentham is Trentham Falls on the Coliban River – the highest single-drop waterfall in Victoria (due to drought and dry weather, the waterfall is all dried up). There are also several hot springs near the town. Trentham is also now becoming well known for its Nurseries that specialise in ‘Cool climate plants’ with 3 nurseries in the town .1,Acotts – Box hedging & Topiary. 2, Trentham Nursery – Maples (acer) Dogwood (cornus) and autumn colour plants .3, Johns World – Old world and modern roses , rhododendron. There is also 3 other nurseries in the district including the very well known Garden of St erth in Blackwood.