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Tynong North VIC

Tynong North

Postcode: 3813

Tynong North is a part of Tynong, a town in West Gippsland, Victoria, Australia located in the Shire of Cardinia.

The name comes from an Australian Aboriginal phrase meaning “many fish”.

The distinction between the two parts of the town is created by the Princes’ Freeway, which runs between the two settlements, as well as the local geography. Tynong is built on the edge of a reclaimed swamp, Tynong North sits at the foot of the mountains in the Weatherhead Range, and is adjacent to Bunyip State Park and the Weatherhead Forest Reserve.

Due to the current drought, Tynong North does not have many fish.

Places of interest include Gumbuya Park, Mill Valley Ranch, the old Cornucopia Museum (no longer open to the public) and the Aztec Quarry.