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Wallan VIC


Postcode: 3756

Wallan is a town in Victoria, 50 km from Melbourne on the Northern Highway in Australia. The town sits at the southern end of the large and diverse Mitchell Shire which extends from the northern fringes of Melbourne into the farming country of north-central Victoria and the lower Goulburn Valley. The township flanks the Northern Highway and is set against the backdrop of the Great Dividing Range.

In the past, Wallan was a small village with only a few houses and a shop, but today it is known for the Hidden Valley Housing Development 1 km to the north. Until 1997 this was a private farm, however it has now been developed as an all-embracing residential estate with a golf course running through the middle.

The fastest growing town in the shire, Wallan is a convenient link between the city and the rural charms of such towns as Kilmore, Broadford and Seymour.

15 kilometres to the north is a turnoff to Strath Creek which leads to the stunningly scenic drive through the Valley of a Thousand Hills.

One of the shire’s more interesting enterprises is the development of the so-called multi-purpose trail project which links several Goulburn River locations with a Lions Park in Seymour. The trail follows some of the most picturesque Goulburn River stretches for about five kilometres.

The Wellington Square Shopping Centre, opened in 2004, includes many corporate franchise businesses (mainly Victoria’s biggest supermarket chain Safeway), creating competition for the already existing ones.