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Warrion VIC


Postcode: 3249

Warrion is a small town in southwest Victoria, Australia. It has a General Store, Service Station, The Ti Tree Hotel, a Church and a Community Hall. Warrion sits at the foot of Warrion Hill.

The General Store was operated throughout the 1950’s by George Glover and his wife. They drove a 100E Ford Prefect panel van and sold homemade lunchtime pies to schools in the district. Mr Glover sold the pies from a pie warmer from the rear tailgate. His wife sat on the tailgate dispensing tomato sauce for a penny a serve. The Glovers sold meat, fish, vegetable, apple and apricot pies.

At one time Augustus Goonan owned and operated the Ti Tree Hotel, and the Service Station was owned and operated by Stan Tune.

Main rural industries included cropping of peas and onions, and dairy farming. Warrion has important groundwater resources which are used widely in local farming activities. Farming families included Leahy, Carroll, Kerr, Hay, Cowley, Chant, De Lorenzo, Monaco, Illett.

In 2005, an elderly man was murdered in his Warrion home by a young man. The accused, Jarrad Francis Matthews, a male prostitute, claimed self defence in killing his procurer client, Howard Ambrose in Victorian Supreme Court in 2006.