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Werrimull VIC


Postcode: 3496

Werrimull is a small Australian town in the state of Victoria and a part of the Sunraysia region. The place by road, is situated about 10 kilometres west from Karawinna and 10 kilometres east from Bambill. It is 79 kilometres west southwest of Mildura, 13 kilometres south of the Sturt Highway opposite Lake Cullulleraine.

Werrimull is an indigenous Australian word believed to mean Eagle. Werrimull is sometimes misspelt Werrimul possibly because it is confused with an indigenous group from the Horsham region.

The Millewa was opened up to farming in the 1920’s. Much of the native Eucalyptus trees were cleared to make way for farming. This has given rise to soil salinity in the area.

The area’s of land allocated were approximately 1 sq mile. This was found to be too small and many were unable to make a living in this region. The population of the Millewa has been in steady decline over many years.

The main industry in Werrimull and the Millewa relates to the sowing and harvesting of grains such as wheat, barley and oats. There is also a strong sheep and cattle industry in the region.

Werrimull is also a stop over for a small number of tourists that visit the Millewa Pioneer Forest.

Werrimull has an australian rules football team in the Millewa Football League that was strong in the 1920s and 1970s. Their most recent premiership win was in 2003.