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Wycheproof VIC


Postcode: 3527

Wycheproof is a small regional locality in the centre of Buloke Shire, in north Western Victoria. As of 2006, it had a population of 750 people. The economy of Wycheproof is driven mainly by wheat.

Wycheproof is best known for the unusual railway line that runs in the centre of the main street. The name, Wycheproof, originates from an aboriginal word meaning ‘grass on a hill’, referring to Mount Wycheproof just off the highway.

Another unique aspect of Wycheproof is that it is the site of the smallest registered mountain in the world, standing at only 43 meters above sea level.

The first station in the district was established in 1846. There was but one settler here at the start of 1874 but a subdivision that year created a population of 130. The town was surveyed in 1875 and the railway arrived in 1883.

The grandfather of the distinguished Sir Douglas Nicholls, the first knighted Aborigine and Governor of South Australia, lived here in the 1880s.