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Ballidu WA


Ballidu is a town located 217 km north of Perth in the Wheatbelt region of Western Australia. Ballidu is also 34 km north of the town of Wongan Hills, and both make up the Shire of Wongan-Ballidu.

In the state’s central wheat belt, about 200km north-east of Perth, visitors from throughout the world are attracted to the Ballidu area by its displays of wildflowers in spring. Then, a dazzling variety of wildflowers combine to craft a carpet of colour that stretches for kilometres.

Most of the agricultural activity is centred on sheep, canola, wheat and other coarse grains. This was a region once characterised by small farms, but most have now been incorporated into big, highly-mechanised operations to provide economies of scale. To get an idea of what effect this has, consider that there are now 38 children at the local school while in the 1950-60s there were about 150.

About 40km west of Ballidu you’ll find the Berkshire Valley Folk Museum which is classified by the National Trust. Founded by James Clinch, who came to the district from Berkshire, England, in 1839, the complex includes a colonial homestead with gatehouse, built in 1867; stables (1867); mill house (1869); pig sty (1870); and a brick arched bridge (1869).