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Beagle Bay Community WA

Beagle Bay Community

Postcode: 6725

Beagle Bay ( 16°59’S, 122°40’E) is a medium-sized Aboriginal Community on the western side of the Dampier Peninsula, north of Broome.

The community is situated adjacent the Indian Ocean. Beagle Bay is the gateway to communities further north such as Djarindjin Community, Bardi Community, Bobeiding Community and Ngardalargin Community. The main access road is unpaved and so becomes inaccessible during the ‘wet season’.

The community was established by Trappist Monks around 1890. Beagle Bay has a history of caring for stolen children. The church features a famous pearl shell altar. Beagle Bay Community has a school, Sacred Heart School, which caters for students from ages K-10. The school was established in 1892 by the Trappist Monks.

Electricity is supplied by the Government of Western Australia and comprises the Australian standard three phase 415/240 volts system 24 hours a day. There are frequent power surges and interruptions. There are two bores which pump into the ground tank. A transfer pump station then pumps the water into the high level tank. The community has a functioning cemetery. As per Aboriginal custom it is insensitive to mention the name of deceased persons. The Shire of Broome Health Regulations stipulate that bodies must be buried at least six feet below ground level however this cannot be achieved at the Beagle Bay cemetery because the ground water level is too high. There is a sewer system in place in the community which comprises three pump stations and treatment ponds on the eastern outskirts of the community.

The community has basketball courts and a football oval. Beagle Bay fields a team in the West Kimberley Football Association called the ‘Beagle Bay (Peninsular) Bombers’. Bush walking, some fishing and camping are the dominant pursuits for tourists visiting. Visitors are required to apply for a permit prior to entering the Community. There is one store in town owned and operated by the ALPA. All items are very expensive compared to major centres. Mechanical repairs may be effected at the mechanical workshop.