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Bonnie Vale WA

Bonnie Vale

Postcode: 6429

Bonnie Vale is a goldfields townsite near Coolgardie in Western Australia.

The town was gazetted in 1897. It was apparently named after Bonnie, a prospector who picked up a 7 oz troy (220 g) nugget here in May/June 1894. It serves as a stop on the Prospector rural train service.

Bonnie Vale is a settlement situated in Western Australia, Australia. Bonnie Vale is 2634 km from the Australian capital Canberra. Nearby places include Coolgardie, Kunanalling, Kundana, Kurrawang. Nearby landmarks include Hannan Lake, Jaurdi Hill, Kopai Lake, Kurrawang Lake, Mount Herbert, Mount Marion, Mount Pleasant, White Flag Lake.