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Bremer Bay WA

Bremer Bay

Postcode: 6338

Bremer Bay is a coastal town situated on the south coast of Western Australia in the Great Southern region between Albany and Esperance, at the mouth of the Bremer River. Bremer Bay is 515 kilometres (320 mi) southeast of the state capital, Perth, and 180 kilometres (112 mi) east of Albany. The town has a population of about 240.

Bremer Bay is known for its beautiful beaches; the main beach is only 10 minutes walk from town. A marina at Fishery Beach offers full boating facilities.

It is believed that the bay was named by John Septimus Roe, who visited the area in 1831. The town was originally named Wellstead, but the local petition in 1951 was in favour of the current name. The change of name was approved and the new name gazetted in 1962.

Bremer Bay is a beautiful coastal town situated on the South Coast of Western Australia between Albany and Esperance. The town is located at the mouth of the Bremer River, on the Wellstead Estuary, named after the first settler of the area, John Wellstead. Bremer Bay offers spectacular beaches with a variety of activities and attractions that individuals, couples and families can enjoy.

Bremer Bay has a wide expanse of crystal clear azure blue water and an endless stretch of striking white sand. The main beach is only 10 minutes walk from town and has a sheltered cove for swimming (John Cove). Fishing from all beaches is excellent. There is a marina at Fishery Beach with full boating facilities for easy launching of recreational boats.