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Elleker WA


Postcode: 6330

Elleker is a small townsite situated about 15 km west of Albany, Western Australia.

The Great Southern Railway passes this location, with a junction to the Torbay region existing in the late 1800s. The townsite includes several houses, a general store, oval, town hall, railway siding as mentioned and a telephone booth.

Elleker is a settlement situated in Western Australia, Australia. Elleker is 2838 km from the Australian capital Canberra. Nearby places include Grasmere, Grassmere, Marbellup, Marbelup, Torbay Junction. Nearby landmarks include Barker Bay, Earker Bay, Hanover Bay, Lake Powell, Lake Seppings, Lake Seppings, Middleton Beach, Mount Clarence, Perkins Beach, Torbay, Vancouver Beach, Vancouver Beach, West Cape Howe.