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Jennacubbine WA


Postcode: 6401

Jennacubbine is a small town located in the Wheatbelt region of Western Australia, to the east of Perth, Western Australia between the towns of Northam and Goomalling.

The town’s name derives from the Noongar name for a well in the area, which may mean “salt water” according to some sources and was first recorded by explorer Augustus Gregory in 1848 as “Jenacubine”, with the current spelling being adopted in 1889. Jennacubbine was established as a siding on the railway line from Northam to Goomalling in June 1902.

Ironically, the state’s Water Authority had gazetted that Jennacubbine was to get town water, and pipes had been laid in the ground to the town, but there had been no connections to any building nor any public facilities including fire hydrants.

Today, the hotel is the social hub of the local farming community.