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Kalbarri WA


Postcode: 6536

Kalbarri is a coastal town located 590 km north of Perth, Western Australia. The town is geared towards tourism, with attractions including the daily pelican feeding, the Kalbarri National Park, Murchison Gorge and the Murchison River. Also there are two charter boats to go on to view the Murchison River.

Paid recreational activities include the ever-popular abseiling tours which take you through the Kalbarri Gorges, an 80 km-long section of the Murchison River including a full day of hiking plus the option of abseiling usually about 50-60ft down one of the most accessible cliffs. A swim is often encouraged, but not mandatory, and full training is provided. One of the most visited sights of Kalbarri is a phenomenon of geography and geology known as the Z-Bend, (a walking track not so unusual) and “Natures Window”, a rock formation overlooking hundreds of kilometres of Murchison River. Another particularly scenic and well-visited tourist attraction is known as the Rainbow Jungle (The Australian Parrot Breeding Centre), located just a few kilometres south of the main town-centre. For only a few dollars per person, an entire walkthrough feauturing hundreds if not thousands of birds in their native habitat plus a walk-in cage allowing humans to interact with the birds. At the end of the tour features a look-out over Red Bluff where numerous whales have been known to venture. Family activities include the Mini-Golf, located in the town-centre and the paddle-boats AND the cruise yachts operated by Murchison River Cruises. Recreational fishing is also popular, with good catches being taken from the beaches at Wittecara Creek and Blue Holes as well as from the numerous cliffs.