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Nanga Brook WA

Nanga Brook

Postcode: 6215

Nanga Brook is a former town located in the Peel region of Western Australia in the Lane-Poole Reserve between Dwellingup and Waroona.

The Lane-Poole Reserve (named after the State’s first conservator of forests) is a 55,000 ha forest reserve with stands of jarrah, wandoo, marri and blackbutt. It combined six previous reserves and was gazetted in 1984, with a management plan being approved in 1990 The most popular parts of the reserve are those near to the Murray River, one of the few undammed rivers in this part of Western Australia with natural waterfalls and rock pools along its length.

The most popular campsites are Baden Powell, Nanga Mill, Stringers and Charlie’s Flat, followed by Tony’s Bend and Yarragil, while Icy Creek Environmental Education Camp (built in 1984) offers built accommodation for students and community groups.

Only one or two roads in the area are sealed, and a CALM issues paper has identified this as a matter to be rectified, along with the overuse of non-designated campsites, visitor behaviour and safety, dogs in the reserve and firewood collection.