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Narembeen WA


Postcode: 6369

Narembeen (32.0656° S 118.3956° E, 276 m, UTC+8) is a town in the Western Australia wheatbelt. It is 286 km, almost due east, from Perth, the capital of WA. It is the major settlement in the Shire of Narembeen, in which the major industries are growing cereal crops and raising cattle and sheep.

Narembeen means place of female emus in the local Aboriginal language.

Narembeen was founded in 1924 by Perth publican Paddy Conlon, The original townsite for the area was Emu Hill. However, because Emu Hill banned the sale of alcohol, Conlon decided to locate his pub at the railway siding of Narembeen, which replaced Emu Hill as the major town in the area.