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Nungarin WA


Postcode: 6490

Nungarin is a town located in the North Eastern Wheatbelt region of Western Australia, approximately 278 kilometres (173 mi) east of Perth and 39 kilometres (24 mi) north of Merredin. It is the main town in the Shire of Nungarin.

In recent times the town’s agricultural base has been expanded to include some pig and cattle raising as well as gypsum mining. It receives an average rainfall of 304 mm per annum and has a population of a little over 300 people.

No one knows what the word was supposed to mean in the language of the local Aborigines but one plausible explanation is that it derived from ‘nungoo’ meaning ‘to see’ and therefore than Nungarin rock was the ‘place of seeing’

Nungarin seems to be even smaller than the average small wheatbelt town. It is characterised by a single street with bulk loading facilities and a railway siding on one side of the road and the pub and a few shops on the other side. However, its diminutive size belies an innovative and vibrant local community.

The main centre of interest in the area is Mangowine Homestead which is located 16 km north of the town.

Another point of local pride is the rifle range which has produced several champions on the national and international stage. It was also one of the first ranges to have lights for night shooting.