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Pardoo WA


Located in the Pilbara area of Western Australia, Pardoo is in the Port Hedland local government area, and within the electoral seat of Durack.

Pardoo at a glance

Postcode 6721
Latitude -20.9317135
Longitude 118.4699355
Altitude (metres above sea level)

Population of Pardoo WA

At the 2021 national census, the population of 6721 (Including Pardoo) was 4367 people. Out of those, 2290 were male and 2075 were female.

907 (20.77%) of those people were born outside Australia, and the remaining 2879 people were born in Australia. 344 (7.88%) of these people are Indigenous Australians.

Map of Pardoo

Here is a map of Pardoo, Western Australia and surrounds.

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