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Waroona WA


Postcode: 6215

An attractive town on the South Western Highway about 112km south of Perth, Waroona is notable as the place where, in 1842, pioneer ornithologist John Gilbert and his companion, botanist James Drummond, flushed out the first known specimen of the extremely rare ‘noisy scrub bird’.

As the rather unfortunate name implies, the noisy scrub bird is more often heard than seen and is blessed with a beautiful song.

Otherwise, the main local attraction is Waroona Dam, about eight kilometres east of town, which is a popular water skiing venue and fishing haven where trout, perch and marron can be landed. Drakesbrook Weir, about five kilometres south, is also popular with anglers and picnickers.

Waroona Shire stretches from the Indian Ocean across flat lands enriched with irrigation waters, up and over the Darling Range, with its massive granite outcrops and marvellous views. Then the shire meanders through forest, with its gnarled, old and quite magnificent jarrah trees that lead right down to the Murray River with its huge quiet pools and its contrasting rapids and racing white waters.