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10 Best Rivers in Queensland to Visit

Brisbane is the capital of Queensland, Australia. It is a thriving and dynamic tourism destination that offers some of the most breathtaking natural scenery. This lovely city’s geographic layout is centred on the many rivers that run through it.

Travelling the city’s waterways is not only an exciting activity, but also a calming one that you will never forget. Couples may enjoy romantic strolls, bike rides, and time to themselves on the pathways that line these waterways. In this blog, we will talk about some of Brisbane’s main rivers, which contribute to this city’s reputation.

The best rivers in Queensland are…

Brisbane River

The longest river of historical significance may be found in Queensland, Australia. The river runs for 344 kilometres and bears Sir Thomas Brisbane’s name, who served as the governor of New South Wales.

If you are travelling to Brisbane, you must stop at the Brisbane River, one of the main tourist attractions. This is home to a variety of adventurous activities. Among the scheduled activities are kayaking, paddle boarding, and rock climbing at Kangaroo Point.

Picnic areas, botanical gardens, street markets, excellent restaurants, and pubs may all be found nearby. The natural splendour will keep you interested and spellbound.

Norman Creek

The Norman Creek is, a tributary of the Brisbane River. It is quite picturesque as it passes past Green Slopes, Norman Park, and Stones Corner. There were several campsites and fishing locations around the mouth of Norman Creek. There have been several calls for flood barriers to prevent more tragedies on Brisbane’s streets.

The local municipal council has created Norman Creek 2026 to revitalise all the waterways and develop all of Norman Creek’s surrounding regions. If all goes according to plan, this location will soon become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the city.

Bulimba Creek

Brisbane’s eastern and southern-eastern regions are home to the 122 square kilometers long Bulimba Creek. It is well known for its landscape features of low coastal plains that typically run north into the Brisbane River. Bulimba Creek basin is damaged by urban expansion, tree cutting, and other human activities. This is despite its vast capacity to deliver water to the general population.

Visitors that kayak up the stream have an incredible and exciting experience. The surroundings are lush and lovely. With open woods and woodland, dry rainforest, lakes, and estuary wetlands, one may also see various flora.

Breakfast Creek

Brisbane’s Breakfast Creek is a little urban creek and leisure area, and makes our list of best rivers in Queensland. It is a branch of the Brisbane River and is situated in suburban Brisbane in Queensland. It begins as the Enoggera Creek and changes to the Breakfast Creek as it reaches Newstead. At the Newstead Park, it meets the Brisbane River.

The pleasant sound of the river running as it passes the well-known Breakfast Creek Hotel adds to the value of staying here. At Breakfast Creek, visitors may choose to take a 2-hour guided kayak excursion and take in the breathtaking landscape and fauna. This stream is the best Kayaking sports destination for individuals looking for enjoyment and a little adventure as you go across the clear blue waters.

Best Rivers in Queensland to Visit
Best Rivers in Queensland to Visit

Eprapah Creek

A stunning subtropical stream called Eprapah Creek may be found in Redland City. It is a city in South East Queensland, Australia, not far from Brisbane. It begins on Mount Cotton’s northeastern slopes and empties into Moreton Bay near Victoria Point.

You are likely to come across a variety of fish and ducks since it is an important nesting place for certain aquatic creatures. One may take a peaceful and energising stroll by Eprapah Creek up till Victoria Point.

Caboolture River

Australia’s Caboolture River is a charming, little river. It begins in the D’Aguilar Ranges close to Ocean View and typically runs east. This is where two small tributaries join it.

There are several locations close to the Caboolture River if fishing is your favourite pastime. Additionally, they provide shelters so that you may unwind before or after going fishing. Here, you may catch whiting, along with a few flatheads, along the riverbanks.

Kedron Brook

The Kedron Brook is an urban watercourse in Queensland, Australia’s South East. It is located to the north of Brisbane’s central business district and is one of the best rivers in Queensland.

Due to its expansive sceneries, wide meadows, and ponds, which can all be seen when traversing the magnificent pathways, Kedron Brook’s attractive walkways and bikeways are highly popular.

Oxley Creek

One of the Brisbane River’s main tributaries, the Oxley Creek, is situated in suburban Brisbane in Queensland’s South East. You can get a pleasant experience by taking a stroll along Oxley Creek in the early morning.

Here, people stroll with their pets as well. It’s a great area for a stroll as well as bird viewing. At this stream, you may see 62 different bird species up close.

Lockyer Creek

Located in South East Queensland, Australia, The Lockyer Waterway is a tranquil and picturesque creek. The stream, a key drainage system in the Lockyer Valley, drains into the Brisbane River and is one of the Brisbane River’s tributaries. You may visit the Lockyer Valley, which is close to Lockyer Creek and is located at the base of the Great Dividing Range.

When you go to the Lockyer Valley, you may go on leisurely excursions and spend a lovely weekend away, taking in the local culture. The valley is dotted with roadside stands where you may buy seasonal goods directly from farmers.

Enoggera Creek

Brisbane’s lifeblood runs via Enoggera Creek! It is a stream that originates on the D’Aguilar Range and empties into the Brisbane River. It is situated close to the ancient Newstead House, Brisbane’s oldest residence.

A hidden treasure of Brisbane, Enoggera Dam is a stunning area in D’Aguilar National Park. Public swimming and water sports like kayaking and paddle boarding are now permitted at the dam.

Explore the area around the dam on a quick stroll through this lovely nature reserve in search of animals. Additionally, you may see several sea osprey and sea eagle nests that are local to the region.


These 10 best rivers in Queensland are breathtakingly gorgeous, and each one seems to be in the heart of a fantastical landscape. It might be a great experience to take a walk along these rivers, streams, and waterways and see how the different habitats survive there.

They provide wonderful adventure opportunities like kayaking and hiking in addition to being peaceful and tranquil.