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Things to Do in Darwin With Kids

Darwin is the perfect destination for a family vacation since it’s constantly warm. Kids can play in the water most of the time, and there are animals and other nature around. Additionally, there are always plenty of educational opportunities.

Darwin with kids

Play, slide, and splash

Darwin enjoys the warm weather, and finding a secure place to cool down is not difficult. Visit the Palmerston Water Park for a variety of water activities, including splash play areas, racing water slides, and shallow pools for kids.

It’s the ideal location for the entire family to set up camp for the day. Darwin Waterfront’s Wave Lagoon is another favourite destination for families. Bring your boogie boards and enjoy the calm saltwater waves, crocodile and stinger-free.

Watch live beach entertainment while having supper

Dinner time has become much more lively thanks to the addition of snow cones, laksa, slushies, churros, musical acts, pony rides, and fire breathers. The Mindil Beach Sunset Markets are a fantastic family activity on Thursday or Sunday evenings throughout Australia’s dry season.

Kids will like the never-ending entertainment available. Parents may enjoy a delectable selection of their favourite market treats while watching a breathtaking sunset. Dining outside just became a little bit more enjoyable.

Find historical artefacts

Kids and families are drawn to this tropical metropolis for reasons other than Darwin’s outdoor experiences. The Museum and Art Gallery are located in the breathtaking Fannie Bay region (MAGNT).

Step out of the heat and into the family-friendly displays to see some of Australia’s most incredible Aboriginal artwork, learn about the special traits of the 220 million-year-old freshwater turtle. Also, uncover historic vessels etched with interesting stories. Sweetheart is the museum’s own preserved 780-kilogram crocodile.


The Mary River Wetlands and Darwin’s Harbour are home to some of the greatest fishing in the world. Barramundi tops the list as the most well-liked and popular species among fishermen. Barramundi Adventures is a land-based fishing farm near Berry Springs. It offers two-hour to all-day experiences that are the ideal introduction to fishing for young children.

Experience the thrill for yourself. Spend a day exploring the wilderness with your family, observing animals like crocodiles and jabirus, and, best of all, letting the youngsters catch their own food.

Deckchair Cinema Darwin
Deckchair Cinema Darwin

Watch a movie by the water

A movie night at Deckchair Cinema is a feast for the senses, with Darwin’s lovely harbour on one side and a thick rainforest on the other. Get a cosy sofa (or two) and sit back while the movie starts in the glistening light of dusk.

You can also grab your favourite refreshments from the neighbourhood pop-up kiosks. This Film Society location has a wide selection of classic films. On weekends, shows start at 7:30 p.m., making it a great family night out. Watch out for friendly birds and adorable possums that may emerge from the jungle for additional amusement.

Mastery of antiquity

You don’t have the chance to study old customs on territory controlled by Aboriginal people that is rich in nature every day. Families and children of all ages may enjoy an authentic and educational day out at the family-run, Aboriginal-owned company Pudakul.

Children will enjoy learning how to use a didgeridoo to make music, search for wild food, and throw spears. Additionally, they will get the opportunity to get their hands dirty while creating a treasured gift to take home from the Aboriginal art session.

Slough off in ponds

Aquamarine waters teeming with local fish and encircled by vibrantly green forests. A 45-minute drive from the city centre, Berry Springs Nature Park is a must-see attraction for anybody visiting Darwin. You may swim, snorkel, and splash in three breathtaking waterholes nearby.

Utilize the picnic grounds nearby after you’ve had a chance to cool down before setting out on a bushwalking excursion into the park’s monsoon forest and woods. Bring your binoculars for an up-close view of these beautifully coloured native birds, which are abundant in this area.

Talk a walk in the wildlife

Observing animals wander in their natural environment is very amazing. Over 400 hectares of rural Darwin make up the Territory Species Park Darwin, which gives visitors the ability to see and even get up and personal with the amazing wildlife of the Top End.

Your kids will appreciate viewing these natural Australian creatures, which range from the thorny echidna to the predatory marsupial, the quoll, and a variety of fascinating snakes. Choose from one of the wildlife encounters of the pawhile you’re there and let your kids feed recognisable animals like wallabies and more uncommon species like freshwater whip rays.

Play in a sweltering treehouse

You can discover the kid-friendly treehouse, trickling waterfalls, and a stunning display of tropical flora, all under the canopy of the Darwin Botanic Gardens. Before arriving at the treehouse, where the kids may play in the great outdoors beneath the shade of the trees, take a stroll through the delightfully fragrant ancient flora.

Play in Darwin’s biggest fountain, and indulge in delectable cake at Eva’s cafĂ©. For youngsters 12 and older, sign up for a Segway tour to see the gardens from a different angle while moving about at a faster pace.


Darwin has a wide range of activities that parents can enjoy with their kids. Plan a fun trip to the city and enjoy!